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It’s fair to say that we were all fairly surprised when Zayn Malik’s latest inking was unveiled. Mainly because instead of getting one of his usual doodles or a big old tattoo of Taylor Lautner in wolf form, the One Direction singer has gone and had a cartoon pic of Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards permanently etched onto his arm. But while he seems pretty pleased with the result, fellow popstar Conor Maynard isn’t sure it was the best idea the Bradford Bad Boi has ever had.

Conor Maynard on Zayn Malik's Perrie Edwards tattoo

From the amount of tatts popping up all over the bodies of various popstars at the moment, we’d kind of assumed there was some sort of secret inking club going on that you only get asked to join after you get a gold record or two. But apparently one singer who won’t be getting anyone’s pic tattooed on a body part is Conor, who reckons Zayn has made a pretty bold decision getting this latest inking.

“It’s a dangerous game doing that because if they break up,” C-Maynz told Bang Showbiz at the Silver Clef Awards this week. “[But] if he truly believes they’re going to be together forever then fair enough.

“If I got a tattoo I’d take on the whole fact that it’s on you for the rest of your life. Unless you got it removed, which isn’t the best thing.”

Erm, so it’s not really on you for life then, is it Conor?

“I’d only get something if I was 100 per cent sure,” he continued, considering the idea. “It has to mean something too. I don’t really like it when you see tattoos and you’re like, ‘Oh what does that mean? Oh, it’s just that.’”

Perrie Zayn

What, like when people get their girlfriend’s faces tattooed onto their upper arms? Charming.

What do you think about all this – agree with Conor or think Zayn’s tatt is dead romantic?


Today Coca-Cola has announced that music star Conor Maynard will front the ‘Share a Coke’ experience which will be streamed live across 11 European countries.

The UK star, who is currently recording his second album in the US, will ask teens who they want to share a Coke with, giving people the chance to have their personal ‘dedications’ to friends and family performed live by Conor.

From today, people can register their special Share a Coke dedications on Conor Maynard’s YouTube page where he will ask them who they want to Share a Coke with. Then on Tuesday 25th June at 6pm, Conor will perform some of his favourite dedications via a live streaming experience via Google Hangouts.

The streaming will last 20 minutes and fans of Conor Maynard and Coca-Cola can watch as he performs the special Share a Coke dedications from some of the fans. He will improvise how he delivers the special dedications ‘ he could sing, rap or recite the dedications as part of the exclusive live streaming event.

Conor Maynard rose to fame when US singer Ne-Yo saw a YouTube video of Maynard performing a cover version of his track ‘Beautiful Monster’. The US R&B star subsequently became Maynard’s musical mentor. Last year, Conor Maynard won MTV’s Brand New for 2012 award.

The ‘Share a Coke’ with Conor Maynard live experience is part of the brand’s massive summer campaign which sees the brand extend a European wide invitation to consumers to ‘Share a Coke’ with their friends and family. To make the task easy and fun, the iconic Coca-Cola script has been replaced for the first time ever on PET bottles and cans ‘ with the names of consumers.

‘More than most other people in the music industry, my fans got me to where I am today so when Coca-Cola gave me the chance to surprise them with a ‘Share a Coke’ live experience, I was really excited,’ said Conor Maynard. ‘Having my name on a bottle of Coke is great and to be able to share that experience with my fans is even better.’

So if you want to Share a Coke with Conor Maynard, visit www.youtube.com/ConorMaynard



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Conor performed at the O2 Arena yesterday as a supporting act for Ne-Yo on his UK Tour, yesterday. He also attended the after-party at the Rose Club. Check out 40 HQ photos and 12 HQ photos of him performing and leaving the nightclub, in the gallery by clicking the thumbnails below! :