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Conor Maynard says he was “the most starstruck” he has ever been after Rihanna complimented his music during a chance encounter on a plane flight.

The signer says he could barely speak when the ‘Where Have You Been’ singer approached him on board a plane and congratulated him on his recent chart success.

“I was on a plane back from LA to London and I was just sitting in my seat and then all of a sudden there was a tap on the chair,” Conor revealed to Getty this week. “I turned around and it was Rihanna.

“I just stared at her,” the 20 year-old singer explained. “She said, ‘Hi. Congratulations on everything!’ and then she wandered off.

“I tried to say something but I just kind of went, ‘Er… um… er’, and that’s all that came out,” Conor added. “It really wasn’t that great as a reply. That’s the most starstruck I have ever been.”

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