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Not familiar with the Harlem Shake? Well most countries already are, including Denmark. As a Maynard fan, you should’ve caught on or at least have an idea, given that the reason we got to love Connor is because of YouTube, where the dance became viral. As evidence, you can get to see Danish family dinners and PE classes gone harlem-crazy when you search for it on the video site. As for Connor Maynard, good news is that his single Turn Around is still in the Top 50 of the Danish Singles Charts. What’s even better? Maynard beating out pop stars Jedward, Cody Simpson and even Bieber, for the “coveted” top spot of Harlem Shakers.

Denmark is not one to be left behind with both the Harlem Shake viral spread and for being “Mayniacs”. The Scandinavian region never really fails to be on top of what is popular across the globe. Take the online gaming boom that hit Europe in the mid-2000s for example. The casino gaming industry, once only prevalent in prestigious casinos and hotels, has been refaced via online entertainment sites like http://da.partypoker.com/. These sites have made access to the immersive world of poker to almost anyone provided you become a member. The site even goes beyond just gaming by developing a community to unite gaming enthusiasts and fans. Their partnership with sporting event organizer World Poker Tour has opened opportunities to casual gamers and community fans to play in live tournaments around the world, one which was held just last 12 to 17 November, the WPT Copenhagen.

If it’s the establishment of online communities, YouTube would be one to mention in an instant. PartyPoker have them to thank, and so do other websites. If not for the video community giant, Denmark would not get to love Conor Maynard, one of Europe’s most promising young acts this year. Danish fans still need to be more patient for now as concert plans to the country are yet to be announced. For now, let’s bask in the triumph this British cutie has achieved in reaching number 37 in the Album Charts of Denmark for his debut album Contrast.

On the lighter side of things, Conor did beat other pop icons Jedward and Cody Simpson in this first quarter’s latest craze, the Harlem Shake. Denmark’s various dance versions have nothing compared to what Conor has to say to this influx of shaking and craziness. In a blog entry by MaximumPop.co.uk, Conor Maynard scores a 20/10 for his version of the viral video. Don’t be surprised with what he says.

For the Danish fans, if you happen to travel to the UK, just 3-4 hours between Copenhagen to London, you can get a chance to watch Conor live on March with Neyo, or in August with Rita Oro together with another up and coming group, Stooshe.

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