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Conor Maynard is super suave in this new photo shoot taken exclusively for JustJared.com.


JJ sat down with Conor to chat about his album, collaborating with other artists, plans for a tour, and how he will spend his 21st birthday later this year.

JJ: Congratulations on the release of Contrast! What does it feel like to finally have it out?

Conor Maynard: It’s crazy! I feel like, for me, not very long ago I felt like I wasn’t ready at all for it to come out. I was like no way, push it back, I’m not ready, hide! So now that the album is actually out and I’m doing things like David Letterman, Good Morning America, all of this amazing things – it’s crazy. It definitely feels like everyone is going for it.

JJ: There are some really awesome collaborations on Contrast – who was your favorite?

CM: For me, working with people like Pharrell, Frank Ocean, and Ne-Yo was kind of crazy. They are people I really look up to. Pharrell, I’ve been listening to his stuff with Justin Timberlake and N.E.R.D. for years. So when he contacted me I literally freaked out. I couldn’t believe it! He actually contacted me thinking I wasn’t signed, he didn’t know I was signed yet, so he contacted me before I released anything. When I started recording my album. Funny enough though, he contacted my label to ask if I was signed. They were like, ‘Well, you contacted his label, so yeah… I’d say he’s signed.’ So he was like, ‘Can I work with him anyway?’ So then I went to the studio and worked with him, and that was definitely one of the highlights.

JJ: If you could pick anyone to write or record a song with in the future, who would it be?

CM: I really feel like I would go with people who are more like singer-songwriter people. Kind of like Ed Sheeran – I’m a massive fan of him! John Mayer, as well. People who are slightly different from what I’m doing right now. I feel like going more for an acoustic kind of vibe would be really cool to try and do.

JJ: What would be your dream tour if you had your pick of tour mates?

CM: My band! I love touring with my band. Touring with my band is the funnest thing. We always have the biggest laugh whether it be my UK band or my American band, we just have a massive laugh.

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Conor did an interview with Cauet on NRJ and performed his single Turn Around. Check it all out in the videos below and also the photos that I’ve added to the gallery and you can go to by clicking the thumbnails below! :


Conor also appeared on the show ‘Le Petit Journal’ on 28th Jan. You guys can check out this fun interview in the video below! :

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Conor appeared on The Graham Norton’s show on January 18th. You guys can check out the interview below! He comes at around 32:00

Earlier this week, Teen Vogue snagged a ticket to Conor Maynard’s New York City performance for IHeartRadio and even though his album had only come out hours earlier, the audience knew the words to every single song. The YouTube sensation has had a following for years, and while he might not be a household name like follow former YouTuber Justin Bieber, it’s only a matter of time.

After the show, they snuck a few minutes with the singer and quizzed him about dream collaborations, future covers, and what it feels like to have his first New York City show sell out.

In our February issue, Rita Ora called you a jokester. What does she mean by that?
“I like to mess around and have fun. I don’t take things too seriously. There’s a track featuring Rita on my album, and when we recorded it, it was literally one of the funniest days. We just messed around and somehow came out with a song at the end of the day. I never like to focus too hard in terms of sitting and writing, I’d rather just come up with ideas, run with it, and have fun.”

Of all the people you’ve collaborated with, who have you enjoyed working with the most?
“Ne-Yo is a great great guy. I never would have expected to connect with him in the way the I do. He’s just such a cool, down-to-earth guy. Pharrell is also really, really cool. He makes you feel like the biggest dweeb because he’s just, like, so ultra-fresh. It’s like a joke, like how am I supposed to compare to this?”

Who would you like to collaborate with next?
“I want to work with someone who’s a little different than who I work with now, more the singer-songwriter-type. Ed Sheeran is someone I’d really like to work with, and John Mayer as well. I love his music.”
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So Conor Maynard invited The Hits Radio down to the Manchester Ritz whilst he prepared for his show there! Conor chatted about his tour, girls, He got a text from Niall Horan whilst we on air! Whaaattt?!

 Did you see Conor on tour this year?!

Being fit and a bit of a popstar, Conor Maynard is probably quite used to being chased down the road by girls hoping to touch him on the face. But despite being a hit with the ladies, he still finds some of the attention a bit tricky to deal with – particularly when it involves novelty condoms.
While Conor’s Mayniacs generally give him all sorts of nice presents, now and again he gets given something that makes him consider whether to smile and nod or drop everything he’s holding and run for the hills.

So what’s the weirdest thing he’s ever been given you may wonder..

“A JLS condom,” he told We Love Pop. “It was really random. I was in Dublin and a fan just came up to me and handed it to me in the box. I was like, ‘Well this is a bit weird’.

While we’d admit that the image of Conor using Marvin’s face as a crotch safety device is a bit of a weird thing to be pondering over our lunchtime sarnie, after hearing about all the lip action he’s been getting, we think the fan may have had a point.

Explaining when he last had a snog, Conor said: “Oh. Um. Well it was actually last Saturday. With about 17 different girls.”

“I’m kidding! I ran in to an old love interest on Saturday night when I was out in Brighton, and I’m not telling you anything more,” he added.

Source : Sugarscape

Conor did an interview with The Gaurdian Paper recently. You guys can read it below! (:

Hi Conor, where are you?

I’m in New York and I woke up literally 30 minutes ago.

In those 30 minutes, how many screaming female fans have you encountered?

I’ve been in the hotel room, so nothing today. But we’ve been doing these Mayniac Meet Ups (1) here in the US, where we tweet a location and meet any fans who turn up. It normally involves signing a few things, but we did one here in a candy store and it went crazy. We had no security and over 200 girls turned up! We got kicked out of the shop.

Do you consider yourself something of a lady’s man?

I guess I do get a few tweets from fans asking me to marry them.

Back in my day you would have to get to know someone a bit before that, do a bit of courting …

I know. I like to throw them off by saying: “Yeah, ok, I will marry you. Let’s go!” They never know what to say to that.

The video to your song Vegas Girl starts with you colliding with an attractive young lady outside a shop and then, by way of an apology, asking if you can take her picture on your phone. Is this not a slightly creepy move?

Yes, definitely, I agree 100%. It’s funny, because the director gave me four lines to get from bumping into her to taking her picture. We made up this scene where I asked if her shoulder was OK, told her I knew massage techniques, said I might need her number for insurance details. But they cut all of that out and just used the massage technique line, so I looked even more of a pervert!

What is it about Las Vegas that you identify with?

Well, er, I’ve never actually been to Vegas! We realised when shooting the video that I was legally too young to do anything fun in Vegas. It would have just been me getting stopped from going into clubs by bouncers and then my Mum coming to pick me up at the end. But the concept of the song is that you can be from anywhere in the world and still party like it’s Vegas.

Would you have liked to party like Prince Harry did in Vegas?

Erm … I suppose without the cameras, that would be great!

You’ve done lots of covers (2). What is the secret of a good cover version?

You need to really switch it up and make it your own. Show off your own style and uniqueness to stand out. That’s the advice I’d give to people getting started online now.

You said recently that your version of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars is the only cover of yours that your ex-girlfriend liked. Is that why she became an ex?
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Conor Maynard re-shot the official/unofficial video for his current single ‘Turn Around’ with Charlie Sloth at the 1Xtra studios yesterday.

Listen to the interview here – www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01mw3zz and check out the video below! Its hilarious <3